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Some photo’s from a snowy walk in Wales, welcome to 2010!

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4 Responses to “Some photo’s from a snowy walk in Wales, welcome to 2010!”

  1. 1 Mike

    The thing I like most about these pics (apart from their technical brilliance) is that it makes Britain feel like a different country (even if for only a short while).

  2. 2 admin

    Hi Mike,
    Cheers ever so much for liking the shots and taking time to comment. It is certainly beautiful up on those Welsh hills at the best of times, cloaked heavily in snow it felt magical and special, makes you look with fresh eyes. Gill :-)

  3. 3 Liz

    Love the different textures you have captured in the snow. Fabulous light. That’s one of the great things about snow, the way it reflects the winter sunlight.

  4. 4 admin

    Hi Liz,
    Having such a wonderful clear sky and low winter sun really showed the depth and contrasts in the landscape. Anything that was backlit just leapt out, I couldn’t stop myself taking pictures! The air was so crisp it seemed almost like wandering on the slopes of an alpine mountain. Cheers for the comments.

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