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A really good friend of mine pointed me in the direction of this blog This is the post that caught my eye, just in case you cannot find it from the link (as it was January post). It’s the bit about not accepting common wisdom that something is going to be difficult or impossible and therefore we give up without even trying. How many of us are guilty of that!!


from Jan 10th 2008

this week i started taking yoga classes again after a long time away from the mat. i had such an amazing first class, and i left the studio with an important insight.we were working on bow pose. as soon as the words left the teacher’s mouth, my body began to tense up and tighten. while i do have the flexibility to move myself into this pose, holding myself up comfortably has always been difficult. she guided me through the pose and though i did exactly as i was told, thoughts were running through my head. this is hard. i can’t hold this position much longer. my stomach hurts, etc. soon, i was told to release the pose and rest.before trying the pose again, the teacher said, “now before you even get into this pose, find a way to be comfortable, to be at ease here.” instant transformation. my perspective shifted and as i practiced bow pose this time, it was, to my amazement, much easier and more comfortable. in fact, i kind of enjoyed it for the first time in my yoga many times in life do we bring our pre-conceived notions along for the ride? we assume that we are going to have difficulty, pain and we close the door to the possibility that we can find comfort or ease in this space.

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