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In need of inspiration try

If I could be born again it would be nice to be able to draw or to sing.  I love music and listen for hours quite easily and I satisfy my urge to appreciate great illustration by checking out this site periodically  It is a neat and well designed website and contains some great work.  Here are a couple of my favourites.

jonathanwilliams_1.jpg                               jonathanwilliams_2.jpg
Jonathan Williams (, a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art now lives and works ensconced in a furry parka to brave the wilds of Aberdeen, Scotland.  14 years of experience and award-winning to boot.
And below is work by London-based illustrator Claire Scully (, she has a wonderful style and an eye for the natural and modern worlds often blending the two together if needs be.
clairescully_1.jpg       clairescully_2.jpg

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