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Monthly Archive for March, 2008

Spring Time in Manchester

I took this out on a walk yesterday and yes, I think spring is here …birds are twittering and things are growing again.


PDN : Best 30 Emerging Photographers for 2008

A footnote to the Redeye submission slideshow piece I did on February 7th 2008. I mentioned the Bangladesh-based photographer Munem Wasif. His work was one of my favourite picks and he has just been selected as one of the best 30 emerging photographers in the world by PDN magazine. PDN (Photo District News) is an award-winning and well respected US magazine and resource which has a strong online presence and a hard copy magazine aimed at professional photographers.
Have a look at this page it gives a brief biography and one image from each of the 30 shortlisted photographers. A nice chance to browse through some of the hottest talent out there.
This is a shot by Katie Kingma who is based in New York, USA.
Katie Kingma one of the chosen Top 30 emerging photographers

Artist : Patricia Piccinini

From summer 2005 to summer 2006 I was lucky enough to take time out of normal life and drift around New Zealand by bike. Near the end of my trip I stayed with a good friend of mine in Wellington and went to the City Art Gallery to see a quite amazing exhibition of work by Patricia Piccinini.
She is a challenging contemporary artist now living in Australia (originally Sierra Leone) who works in mixed media formats. Her combination of futuristic creatures with human characteristics proved a real winner for me, it must have made quite an impression as I found myself thinking about her work when I had a moment to switch off yesterday. She makes us think about humanity, mutation, evolution and genetic modification. Her work is designed to be deceptively unsettling toying with reality and invention.

If you haven’t heard of her or seen any of her work then take a minute to have a look, not everyone’s cup of tea of course but it certainly couldn’t be described as boring. This is her home site : and the exhibition I saw is archived here :

POSTSCRIPT. Nov 2008. Patricia Piccinini’s website has undergone a major update with more images from her newest work now featured. “The Long Awaited” now exhibiting at Roslyn Oxley9 Galleries, Australia until December 6th 2008.

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Quote for today : Leadership

Occasionally I am struck by a sentence or phrase which is really worth repeat reading but then I get frustrated as within minutes I have forgotten it. So in an effort to remember and learn I will try to add it to my blog, so at least I will re-read it again and it might sink in.

“A leader is a person who has an unusual degree of power to project on other people his or her shadow, his or her light.”

and I also like this one

“Tending the self is the core of living in and with turbulence, uncertainty,impermanence. This practice could be walking, listening to music, keepingpigeons, learning a new skill, sport.”

Iris pattern watermark for images

One thing caught my eye this week regarding the hot topic of preventing unlicensed use of photography images and how to identify the copyright holder. It involves work by John Daugman, the original inventor of Iris Recognition. Here is a link to an interesting way forward being investigated by Canon, possible use of the photographer’s individual Iris pattern, thanks to the PhotographyBay Blog for spotting this one, fascinating. eye_iris.jpg