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Seonna Hong : Fine Artist and Animation Art Director

Seonna Hong is a US-based artist and animation Art Director. I think she has a wonderful eye, especially for capturing nature, I love her colour choices and the ability she has to evoke atmosphere with such deft simplicity. Her background is originally in teaching art to children, she then migrated to the animation industry and in 2004 received an Emmy for her work on “My Life as a Teenage Robot” for Nickelodeon the US Cable Channel. Her most recent exhibition was in New York “Our Endless Numbered Days” (2007).

From her bio :
“Hong’s paintings continuously reflect her exploration of personal evolvement and how environment such as family, friends, and society can shape one’s existence.”

In May 2008 she will be showing work at a group show in Tokyo, Japan organised by Kaikai Kiki Co (Toyko & New York-based organisation dedicated to showing and promoting young artists). This will be Seonna’s first show out of the US. She has a great blend of steady animation commissions together with a prolific output on the art front including books. I am not surprised at all to discover there is a waiting list to buy her work, she is represented by sixspace a gallery based in California, USA.

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2 Responses to “Seonna Hong : Fine Artist and Animation Art Director”

  1. 1 Charlotte

    That artwork is truely lovely- have you ever thought about creating cards and things using these images? I think they would make lovely gifts!

  2. 2 admin

    Hi Charlotte,
    Might be worth you stopping by Seonna’s website, she has a lovely book and a couple of prints available to buy direct from her shop:

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