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Cardboard Toys Anyone ?

Paperpod are a new and pretty innovative company based in East Sussex, UK. They take a well-known fact; that children actually have far more fun playing with the packaging their presents arrive in than the actual toy, to it’s natural conclusion. They produce kids toys and furniture made completely out of cardboard such as a den, a rocket and a dolls house. All items are lightweight, low environmental impact, easy to store and decorate.

It is not clear whether the cardboard is made from recycled sources, nor how outdoor products like the playhouse are waterproof. Maybe someone can enlighten me there? Nevertheless, it seems an interesting angle to approach the normally horrendously wasteful kids toy market. Do you think one day they will do an adult teepee, I like the sound of that? :-)

UPDATE : September 2009.  For any US-based readers, check out designer Ben Blanc’s latest sustainable designs including cardboard animals for kids and room dividers.  All made for US company Cardboardesign who specialise in all things eco and made out of cardboard.

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2 Responses to “Cardboard Toys Anyone ?”

  1. 1 Liz

    I like the fact that these toys come in a plain finish, allowing the Kids the freedom to use their own imagination and skill to decorate them.

  2. 2 gill moore

    Thanks for taking the time to comment Liz, I totally agree :-)

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