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My Hotmail account hacked – all my contacts spammed !! How to avoid it happening to you.

Last week my Hotmail account was hacked and every single one of my email contacts was spammed. The email was sent from my actual Hotmail address (copies were in my Sent Mail folder) so for anyone receiving the post I am afraid it looked very authentic.

I have been with Hotmail right from the very start even before it was bought by Microsoft and until last week I had never been hacked before. Hard to believe I know, but way back then there were not many web-based email sites and I think Hotmail tempted me with access to a huge Mailbox for storing all messages.

So I thought I would post about my experience in an effort to make people aware that web-based email is vulnerable and is now seen as a relatively easy target for various scams and to procure valuable ID details. I know some people who run their business using web-based email, they chose it for its flexibility and low cost but just think what could happen if you were the victim of a Spam Scam. The credibility of the business could be severely dented.

Though I was understandably annoyed and it caused people on my Contacts List some confusion it could have been a whole lot worse. Once I started to look at other Hotmail members “hack horror stories” I felt rather relieved. For a start, the scam was selling iPods at bargain prices in the Far East … imagine the embarrassment if the links had pointed people over to some porn site or viagra boutique? Or sent a virus to my friends accounts? Or locked my Hotmail Account and wiped out all my Contacts? C-net has some more information and examples on their site.

It is not just limited to Hotmail though, here is someone blogging about their own hack which happened whilst using Googlemail.

To try to avoid your own web-based email getting hacked these are the two most important things you can do:

1) Pick a strong password. If you are with Hotmail you can do this by logging in with your email address and then Options>More Options>view and edit your personal information>password reset information. Here there is a password checker which will give an idea of the strength of your password.

Non-Hotmail users try visiting this blog which is a fascinating read. Did you know 20% of passwords are so poor even I could guess them!!
eg 123, “password”, pet’s name, favourite football team, your city, date of birth.

We all know that the longer the password the better, but just look at this table below, it puts it all beautifully into place illustrating how long a password might take to crack depending on the number and style of the characters used.  My own password is now 19 characters long, with characters, numbers and letters.

UPDATE : Oct 09.  In the light of the recent Hotmail phishing incident one thing it did allow was an analysis of passwords.  Visit the Acunetix Web Security site for a list of the Top 20 most popular passwords and a breakdown of the password styles that were uncovered by this hack.

2) Run spyware and virus-checker software regularly. This link lists an updated Top 5 for the current best spyware packages. This is a great link for free anti-virus software.

3) Good advice from Google on how to steer clear of phising traps. and maybe take the phising IQ test over at Sonic Wall.

UPDATE : October 2009. Mashable are reporting 10,000 Hotmail addresses and passwords compromised last week and a report on the same topic from the BBC .

UPDATE : January 2010. Good article over at on password security.

UPDATE: March 2010.  Funny list of the 500 most common passwords, displayed on one page over at Flickr (via TheNextWeb).

UPDATE: March 2010. Useful online tools for remembering your passwords.

UPDATE:  August 2010.  The newly revamped Hotmail site seems to have brought a slew of fresh Hotmail hijacks and spamming.  Hotmail have got some help up there, though it took a while to find.  Link to Hotmail help regarding latest Hotmail account hijacks and spamming. Hopefully some of you may find it useful.

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146 Responses to “My Hotmail account hacked – all my contacts spammed !! How to avoid it happening to you.”

  1. 1 Michael Coates

    One easy way to come up with a long strong password is to use a sentence.

    It’s tough to remember the following 12 character password:

    However, it’s very easy to remember the following sentence:
    My dog is 12 years old and he runs very fast!

    So now your password is 45 characters long, contains numbers, letters, uppercase/lowercase and a special character.

    Michael Coates

  2. 2 gill moore

    Thanks for the tip Michael, I can really see that working very well. I like simple and practical solutions, great stuff, thanks for sharing.

  3. 3 jj

    My hotmail was just hacked yesterday as well! I’m trying to figure out how it happened. My password was very strong, and I never open or reply to phishing scam emails. I do need to download some new spyware checkers though. thanks for the links.

  4. 4 Sarah

    My hotmail account was just hacked as well on 26 June, and it was a message about some Chinese product as well. All the emails were in my ‘sent mail’ folder. I got a couple of messages from friends querying it and have now just had to send an email to all apologising. I don’t understand how it happened either as my security is good and I have a very strong password anyway, 8 characters including caps, numbers and special characters.

  5. 5 Mark

    As with the above messages I had a strong password/full internet security/spyware checks/only used my own laptop to check my mail. I think that Microsoft may be covering up a security problem with hotmail or a internal security leak (pissed off employee?). Anyway I shall see what they say about this in the next 24 hours …..

  6. 6 gill moore

    Hi Mark,
    I’d be interested to hear Hotmail’s comments. I emailed them within hours of my hack, that was 3 weeks ago and I haven’t heard a thing back from them … I hope you have more luck than me!

    Judging by the number of searches on WordPress for Hotmail/hack/problem I am now inclined to think you could be right with your “security problem with hotmail or an internal security leak” theory. As JJ and Sarah have both stated they believed they had strong passwords and good security measures in place but still got hacked.

    I have just accepted this could happen again and there doesn’t seem to be anything Hotmail can do or even that they care. Bit sad really.

  7. 7 Dayne

    My hotmail account was hacked on 26Jun08. The following message was sent to every contact in my address book – much to their dismay. I have changed my password and notified hotmail security.

    Dear friends: We are wholesale company which can offer you laptops, digital cameras, videos, GPS,cell phone, mp4, game console and many other electron products. We can offer you both highest quality products and best price. Also we could give you favorable discount if you order more. All of our products are brand new and original; if you need any help, please contact us.

  8. 8 Rick Beethe

    My hotmail account was hacked June 29, 2008. What a pain — email sent was to some digital trading site I think. No virus on my laptop or desktop as I was worried about.

  9. 9 Jon

    My account was hacked in the past 24 hours, I have changed the password, and it is a very similar situation. The link is for a chinese website.

  10. 10 Rae

    My account was just hacked too, sent email to all my contacts linking to some Chinese Scam website.

    I’ve change all my passwords, even thou the previous one was strong enough. =(

  11. 11 jj

    I must say I’m feeling slightly relieved that it wasn’t just me :) At least it makes me feel like it’s not a virus or keylogger on my computer (nothing’s shown up from running security checks at least).

    And hotmail hasn’t responded to my inquiries at all, beyond an automated reply when the message was sent.

    My brother-in-law tracked the IP back and found the scammer’s ISP in China, but I don’t know what I could do with that info, or if it’s even worth it. If anyone else wants it (since it appears we were all the victims of the same spammer/hacker), let me know and I’ll forward it to you.

    Here’s hoping it was a one time security breach.

  12. 12 Mark

    Reference my comments above here is Microsoft´s reply. A very friendly corporate E mail telling me the basics and hinting that my PC is the problem ?! ….. (my security is the cause ????)


    Thank you for writing to Windows Live Hotmail Customer Support. My name is Mark and I understand that your entire contacts have received a spam email coming from your email account. I understand the importance of keeping your account secured and I am here to provide you information and assistance.

    The issue that you are experiencing is most likely related to a worm virus specifically targeting messaging applications. The methods of prevention and removal are similar to previous versions of this virus. The worm virus can enter an account and use the account name or forge another e-mail address making it appear that it has indeed come from the said address. It can also create a list of addresses to which it will send mail. Most likely, you received a virus from a forged e-mail address or an address that unknowingly sent a virus to your account.

    I have researched your account and verified that you are the only person logging into it. For security, we would suggest changing your password and Secret Question and Answer at this time. A good rule of thumb is to change your passwords regularly. The quick act of changing your password can ensure that your e-mail remains private. In addition, passwords that use both letters and numbers are harder to break. Hotmail passwords are case sensitive, so a combination of upper and lower case letters is also recommended.

    There are a number of ways you can protect your computer against these viruses:

    – Obtain the most recent virus definitions. You can visit your anti-virus company’s Web site or call them to get more information.
    – Back up the data on your hard drive(s) on a regular basis.
    – Be cautious about opening messages from people you do not know.
    – Do not open attachments unless you are expecting them.

    For more information about protecting your computer from viruses and about viruses in general, you can visit the Trend Micro website at:

    Updating your anti virus program will not stop the virus instantly. The virus activity of generating mail continues until it had already acquired all the addresses in your computer. There is no way to stop the process but upgrading your virus scan makes sure that the virus infection will not repeat.

    In addition, we suggest you download the latest Microsoft updates. To download the latest updates for your Microsoft software, please visit:

    We appreciate your continued support as we strive to provide you with the highest quality service available. Thank you for using Windows Live Hotmail.


  13. 13 Stuart

    Hotmail account also hacked. Had not opened any attachments, am IT savy and am just stumped as to what caused it. E-mail sent was How are u doing these days?Yesterday I found a web of a large trading company

  14. 14 gill moore

    Touch wood my Hotmail has been OK since I changed the password. However, I task I need to do is prune my Address List down AND take a copy of all the ones I wish to keep just in case worst case scenario happens and I get locked out of my own hotmail account after another hack. Also, I’m thinking it’s not a bad idea to remove any messages which might contain information you would rather keep private. Sorry to hear of your problems but thanks for posting.

  15. 15 Vicky Busby

    Hi it is such a relief to read these messages, I have also been hit by this Chinese website. I stupidly sent back an angry e-mail to them yesterday – now today I cannot log in to my Hotmail account at all! It appears that they might have been able to change my password, as when I go to the ‘Reset Password’ page the security question comes up in Chinese characters. This is very worrying. I just hope that Microsoft are taking this seriously.

  16. 16 Uk User

    My Wife’s Hotmail account was also hit by this last night when her computer was switched off. Not only were emails sent to all her contacts but all her contacts were then deleted from the contact list in hotmail. She regularly runs anti-spyware and has Anti-virus.

  17. 17 Winchell

    I have had this Chinese solicitation sent to my contacts 3 times now. The second time my contacts were wiped out & the last time (today) I was locked out of my Hotmail account. When I tried to reset my password the secret question was written in Chinese too. All I want to do is shut down my Hotmail account but don’t know if I can do so without accessing my account. Does anybody know?

  18. 18 Vicky Busby

    Hi Winchell, if you get in contact with Microsoft Customer Support they should be able to give you back access to your account, once you have verified your details with them. You will then be able to close your account. I am just going through this process now with Microsoft. Good luck!

  19. 19 Winchell

    Thanks Vicky – The only Microsoft help I could find was to use the Windows Live ID where I just sent them a message as to what was wrong. I have a feeling I’m just going to get the canned response that they sent to Mark. I don’t have an 800 number for customer support.

  20. 20 Paula

    I’ve been having the same problem with SPAM, loss of contacts and now I am shut out of my own account. Can someone tell me if they have been back up and running?


  21. 21 Winchell

    I’ve received help to reset my password now so I’m able to access my account. However, everything is still in Chinese & can’t figure the way to switch the language back.

    I would start with a message to Windows Live ID Paula. Maybe you can at least get your access back.

    Good Luck!

  22. 22 Maxien

    Yes, another hitmail account has been hacked, ine was hacked a few weeks ago, i got a string of emails telling me some of the emals couldnt be sent, then when i checked my account the vacation settings were on and the email that was being sent out was in there, it was set to keep on sending this email to all my contacts for the duration of my so called vacation (i wasnt on vacation and did not set it up).

    It was advertising some wholesale company and has yet again been sent to people on my friends list, i again got a string of about 50+ emails telling me they failed to send, most of the email addresses i had never seen before.

    I have again changed my password and secret question but i doubt it will prevent them from hacking.

    I have not clicked any links in emails, i never have and never do. This is ridiculous, i have been a hotmail user for more than 10 years and it is only now that i am being hacked, Microshaft have some serious explaining to do.

  23. 23 Jose

    My hotmail account was hacked … today :-(

  24. 24 Sara Elkins

    Same here, hotmail account was just hacked into, sent message to all contacts on some Chinese product and then deleted all my contacts. Thoughts? How can I get my contacts back??

  25. 25 Nancy

    I protect my computer from spyware with Invisus.
    It’s expensive, has a monthly fee, but it’s got corporate grade firewalls and and anit-virus, -spyware, etc. Plus, you can call Tech support during their buz hours and they will help you with a wide range of problems. I don’t thing hacking into hotmail is one of them, but the good computer protection should help that problem.

    Plus, I have all of my passwords in a program from MS called OneNote and they are password protected.

    Hope that helps someone.

  26. 26 Gemma

    my hotmail was hacked today… have changed my password.

    I have a mac which wasn’t on when the emails were sent. I think they might have got in through my work computer!

  27. 27 tam

    hi all,

    My account was hacked today. Sending all my contacts a message about the olympics. I also have a mac and had not logge into my hotmail account for months! My vacation message was also set with the same spam message. Very annoying!


  28. 28 bron

    I’m currently trying to fix exactly the same problem for a friend of mine. i found the email from the chinese scammer not only in his Vacation message but also saved as his signature so it appeared on every outgoing message….. i’ve changed his password and we’ll wait and see what happens next. it’s nice to know that microsoft won’t do anything to help….

  29. 29 matt


    My account has been hacked with this one too. All contacts sent a spam email beginning “Dear friend: we are an electronical wholesale company which locates …”

    Not sure how this happened exactly but am guessing it was through my MSN @ work. I took a look at the settings in there and found a huge string of Chinese characters in one of the preferences fields. Anyone else notice anything weird like this?

  30. 30 maggie

    Two so called friends of my teen-age daughter hacked into her hotmail account. They deleted all of her saved email, deleted all of her contacts and then sent an email to her email address from her email address saying “You’ve been hacked, sucks to be you”.

    We changed her password as soon as we found out that she had been hacked, and sent an email out to several of her friends to let them know that her account had been hacked into. The next day one of the “friends” told her that they had done it….

    I’m not sure who to contact about this. Any help would be great.

  31. 31 gill moore

    I just got this information posted from Hotmail to my email address. Maybe it will be useful to some? Gill :-)

    Dear Hotmail User,

    As a valued Hotmail® user, we strive to protect you from spam messages by blocking over 4.5 billion unwanted e-mails per day. We have a highly qualified and dedicated team that constantly strives to reduce and eradicate spam from Hotmail inboxes.

    Recently I’ve had an increase in questions from users concerned about the legitimacy of e-mails they’ve received. I’ve created this e-mail to help all Hotmail users recognize the scam e-mails that do sneak by our filters.

    1) Be wary of e-mails asking for your personal information.
    Any e-mail asking for your name, birth date, social security number, e-mail username, e-mail password, or any other type of personal information, no matter who the e-mail appears to be from, is almost certainly a scam.

    If you have any reason to believe it may be legitimate, do not reply to the e-mail or click any hyperlinks; instead copy and paste the web URL or go to that company’s website for contact information. Don’t hesitate to contact the company’s support channel to confirm legitimacy or check out a site such as which lists e-mail scams.

    2) Carefully read e-mails that appear suspicious.
    E-mails that are poorly worded, have typos, or have phrases such as “this is not a joke” or “forward this message to your friends” are generally scam e-mails.

    Sometimes company names or brands are misspelled or inaccurate; such as saying Windows Hotmail (instead of Windows Live™ Hotmail) or Bank of Amarika (instead of Bank of America).

    3) Protect your Hotmail password.
    Create a strong password for your Hotmail account by using more than 7 characters and having a combination of upper and lower case characters, numbers, and special characters, like the @ or # symbols. It’s also a good idea to change your password on a regular basis. Learn More.

    If you receive a notification from Microsoft Customer Support confirming your request to change your password, as I did this past week, and you haven’t recently changed your password, that’s a signal that someone else may be trying to gain access to your Hotmail account, and you should immediately change your password.

    To do so, either go to, or within Hotmail, click Options, then View and Edit your Personal Information. You will be prompted to log in again. Once you do, look for “Password reset information” under your name at the top. Change both your password and your Secret Question/Secret Answer as both may have been compromised.

    4) Take action!
    If you think someone has accessed your Hotmail account, that the Windows Live ID sign-in page looks fraudulent, or you receive a suspicious e-mail that tries to confirm a password change you didn’t authorize, change your password immediately via the instructions above, or go to: Next, help ensure your PC has not been infected with a virus or malware by running a free full-PC scan.

    5) Help us identify new scams.
    If you’re using the Full version of Hotmail, you can select the dropdown next to “Junk”, then select “Report phishing scam”. Whatever you do, do not reply back to the sender.

  32. 32 nannysarahlondon

    Can someone help me please i have a huge dilema and i dont know what to do.
    Long story but here goes.
    A few nights ago i sent a friend of mine a very long and extremely personal email. It was from my hotmail account to his hotmail account. An hour later the email i sent him was forwarded from his email account to everyone in his friends list. He is now accusing me of hacking into his account and forwarding the email myself. I DIDNT DO THIS! He says he has friends who know about computers and that he can prove the message i sent him and the forwarded message to his friends both came from my ip address hence i must have done it. He said he went into my original email, right clicked and went down to “view source” and that gave him the ip address of the computer i sent the original email from. He then said he went into the email that was forwarded from his hotmail account and did the same thigs ie. right clicked and “view source” and said that the ip adresses matched so i had to have hacked into his hotmail account and forwarded the message myself. My query is if someone has hacked into my friends hotmail account and forwarded my message how difficult would it be to make it seem it had come from my computer and my ip address? My friend is saying he can prove it was me but it wasnt and im so upset now. Not only are we not talking anymore but he is now threatening to take this further and get police etc involved.
    Someone help me please – i dont know what to do :(

  33. 33 Ant

    My hotmail account was hacked into. For the last 3 hours, while hotmail’s crack team of employees aren’t resetting my password, my friends have been conversing with the scum who have sent everyone in my address book an email about what a lucrative opportunity I have found in England while attending a youth program.

    And I’m a paying customer. I have only the small satisfaction of having been able to cancel my subscription in the meantime.

    Can anyone tell me how long it took for your accounts to be reset?

  34. 34 admirer

    my hotmail account was hacked since from 3 months….i want my password n id back..plzz help me….how can i hack or get it back…????

  35. 35 DD

    My webaddresses were attacked Oct. 20,2008 by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, an electronics place that spammed same. They said “Hello Friend”. I upgraded my password thanks to this site.

  36. 36 j

    Is there a way to get my contacts back. The hacker deleted them all.

  37. 37 E

    Any ideas on how to get your contacts back? My hotmail was hacked too and sent an email to ALL my contacts. Now my Messenger and Contacts list have disappeared.

  38. 38 Edgy

    nannysarahlondon –
    your friend is talking ****. he’s probably got trojans on his pc from downloading too much porn, and that’s given hackers access to his hotmail account. the fact he would blame you when you so obviously know nothing about computers is bizarre.

  39. 39 youngmeninfrance

    My problem is much similar to yours, but i have some more information.

    A spam has been sent to all the person in my contact list.
    Just a few minutes or seconds before that an especially strange email was sent from my hotmail account to a gmail account, but i didnt have the intelligence to note it (it was something like but NOT exactly

    Here is what the email looked like :


    title : LOG v4.2 :: {85} 1539074008 – 13/12/2008 11:48:08‏

    body : Microsoft Hotmail Backup
    Version.: [4.2.0]
    User….: xxxxxxxxx [my account in red color]
    Pass….: XXXXX [my password in red color]

    CONTACTS LIST, COUNT: 85 [my first contact] [my second contact]


    Which means that someone (or something) received my account and password and the full list of my contacts a few seconds or minute before spamming begins.

    I hope that piece of information might help fix the problem.
    (if i can get back to my sent email lists, i might provide the exact gmail account)…

  40. 40 youngmeninfrance

    I now have the exact gmail account, but i do not know if it is correct to post it here. Any ideas ?

  41. 41 Eileen

    My hotmail account was hacked this morning at 2.30 (I was in bed!) and all my contacts received spam mail from me. I have changed my password now. I will delete my contacts as I don’t want this embarassment again.

  42. 42 drew

    I hadn’t used my hotmail account for over 6 months – logged on today and saw that last week a spam message was sent to my whole address book.

    very very strange — as my actual computers do not have hotmail details on them…

  43. 43 Ron

    One thing that i thought of latley is to copy and paste passwords.

    Ive been using the internet since AOL was charging users per minute to be online and ive seen some really sneaky things. Ive seen favorites replaced with clone sites and ive almost fallen for a few of the phishing e-mails but then realized they shouldnt ask for my SS# and then stopped everything.

    Keyloggers i think can be small and hidden in small files that could load when you go to a site and as you wait for the page to load its actualy installing somthing. Malware and spam worm in there so how could they not worm in other small files? Most of us now use high speed internet so files can get in with a blink of an eye.

    THey can log keystrokes and then send them to themself stealing passwords but can they log mouse strokes?

    So what if you hide passwords deep in files somewhere on your machine then just copy and paste them into the password window, its all encrypeted as little dots so shouldnt that be fairly safe?

    I now no longer save any favorites to anything that i use money or credit cards or anything like e-bay and paypal.

    So far ive been alright.

  44. 44 Hank

    I came here to see if anyone else had my problem. I see I am not alone with a couple of exceptions. while all of my contacts were spammed I some additional complications on my Hotmail Account.
    First, all of my contacts were deleted! I was going to delete them anyway but when I opened contacts it was empty.

    Then I checked my ‘out of office’ message and it had been set to out of office ( I never use that feature ) and the spam message was in the reply field.

    I use this hotmail account for junk (all hotmail is good for anyway) for when I am required to enter an e-mail for some coupon or game entry etc. and the contacts were few and selective so no major damage.

    Did anyone else have the same contact and out of office stuff I did?

    And yes I used my hotmail account for reply – I still check it regularly.

  45. 45 WomaninHolland

    My Hotmail-account was hacked on febr 6th 2009. All my contacts were spammed (about some cheap Chinese electronics website) and then deleted and I also suddenly had an out of office message with the spam message in the reply field. I’ve had this account for 10 years already and never had problems before.

  46. 46 Soraya

    hi everyone,
    i got my email hacked yesterday..It wasnt about some chinese thing.
    but that person sent a message through my hotmail to all my contacts saying i was in some youth programme in england fighting for HIV/AIDS and racism and i owed the hotel money and i forgot my purse somewhere. I just contacted windows live ID for help..Hopefully they’ll contact me soon.. better to stop this then never..
    i’ve been using MSN for 4-5 years and this a first time for me..

    I’m scared..

  47. 47 Trevor

    Me, too, a couple of days ago. Sounds like the same Chinese web site others refer to.

    My contacts list was intact, then I deleted it and changed my password.

  48. 48 hatespamscam

    Hey I have exactly the same problem!!
    also some chinese electronics site. really annoying.
    but what can you do against it?? just change the password? will that do it?

  49. 49 Sarge

    Same happened to me today as well. Changed out-of-office message, sent spam for a website I dont know and dint click on to find what the hell it was, deleted all contacts.

    I changed the password, but am sceptical about using it going forward…what are others doing? Like others I have had this for 10 years…seems the ‘oldies’ are getting hit..

  50. 50 Fela

    Hey Folks, another victim here too….two questions…

    apart from deleting all contacts and changing password – is there any otehr action I can take to secure my account?, and..

    how did it occur..key logging ?

    Any info much appreciated…

  51. 51 Lance

    Just happened to me at 6PM this evening. Everyone in my contact list was emailed twice with this (found in my sent mail):

    “Dear friend:
    look?Beautiful online store of China
    I recommend to you a very good shopping website <>.
    The quality of product is had better, the service is perfect, and price is had better, the speed of the
    deliver is very fast.There are own warehouse and store, there is customer in the whole world, receive
    customer very high praise.
    Email: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    MSn: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Wish we cooperation delectation !”

    Rejected emails had this info attached among other things:

    “Reporting-MTA: dns;
    Received-From-MTA: dns;BAY127-W8
    Arrival-Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 10:00:52 -0800

    Final-Recipient: rfc822;*********
    Action: failed
    Status: 5.2.1″

    I’ve changed the password to be “strong” and cleared my contacts. I’m running Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 on all PC’s that are used to access my Hotmail so am not very amused…

    I’ve never had a problem before and am wondering how can this happen?

  52. 52 Kym

    The same thing just happened to me. My hotmail account got hacked and someone sent spam promoting some “shopping” website to over 200 of my contacts. I just hope that hotmail/msn/microsoft can try and prevent this better in the future.

    Here’s a copy of the spam mail that someone sent using my email contacts:

    “Welcome you online shopping!
    i would like to introduce a good company who trades mainly in electornic products.
    Now the company is under sales promotion,all the products are sold nearly at its cost.
    They provide the best service to customers,they provide you with original products of
    good quality,and what is more,the price is a surprising happiness to you!
    It is realy a good chance for shopping.just grasp the opportunity,Now or never!

  53. 53 cfo4smb

    Ok, I too am a victim of this. One moment it was working, then next, it would not. Although no one received an email yet, that can only be next.

    This was not a keylogger. This is a systematic attack on the login itself. Because a program guesses a password over and over, it is best if you change your password often.


  54. 54 Ray Ambrose

    You are lucky. My contact list has gone….Can I expect all those contacts of mine who have been contacted through this sight to contact me? Or does it block them?

  55. 55 deanna hart

    Hello its happened to me yesterday but i think they went thru my facebook coz they changed my password on hotmail account then on facebook i cudnt get in and now later today they have deleted my facebook profile so beware if u have facebook coz its not a nice thing .I have used hotmail since 2001 and boy wen u enter an alternative address u dont think 8 yrs on its goin to come in handy !!! sorry story is i dont no what i entered back then… BEWARE GUYS !!!!!!!

  56. 56 Norma

    This happened to me saying it was froma website in China. All my contact received the spam and I felt so responsible. My contacts were wipd and all my recent inbox and sent mail. My automatic reply was on, something I never use and the email was in the reply!

    Reading all these comments now I don’t feel so bad. I guess changing passwords often is the answer and using strong ones.

  57. 57 BBTHREE

    ME TOO!!!

    It was from a company in China, who emailed all 55 of my contacts from me (when I was actually on a night out and nowhere near my laptop). I have Windows Defender and AVG and so thought that was all I needed, but being honest here – clearly my password just wasn’t strong enough.

    I have deleted all my hotmail contacts, and I am about to change my password.

    My autoresponder was on (which wasn’t done by me) and so I am hoping once I change the password and get rid of this all will be well.

    (I can’t just close this Hotmail account as I have had it for 6 years and loads of people have this address)

  58. 58 LV

    My hotmail account got hacked a couple days ago. I changed the password, security question and deleted all my contacts. My password is strong. However, I think it’s happening again now. I’ve had this e-mail address for 11 years. I’ve gotten no useful advide from MSN. It looks like I will have to close the e-mail account. Is there anything else that can be done?

  59. 59 bibi

    mine got hacked today :( but have read thru the comments and alot of people, including myself, seem to have been using hotmail for a long time. in my case ten years. maybe it was finally “my turn”?

  60. 60 Webmaster Forum

    LOVE your site, will visit again :) Submitted this post to Google News Reader.

  61. 61 madhu

    I loged in my hotmail account on 19th of this month but i tried to login todays.i didn’t chage my password i was tried to log in only couple of times but, it is stated that the password is incorrect. I tried to reset my password but hotmail and Windows live only gave me 1 option, which is ‘instruction will be sent to my hotmail email address’. I even cant login to my hotmail and now the instruction is sent to my hotmail account. huh.. I know its also my false that I didnt put any alternative email address since I’ve created this account around 12 years ago. there is only 1 option of reseting the password by sending it to my hotmail email. Please any solution for it?

  62. 62 ajaykumar

    My account is hacked by somebody. please help me. i was able to login upto 23 March 2009, but today i am not able to login. please help me to activate my account.

  63. 63 sanaa seamer manar

    My accound has been hacked i don’t know since when…all my friends keep getting this e-mail promoting a company in China and the worst is that they get it as an automated response when they send me e-mails I don’t really know what to do…………could you please help me?

    Thank you

  64. 64 shawn

    my hotmail account was hacked and now half my contacts are gone

  65. 65 laura brown

    my hotmail acount was haked once and were saying horrible thigs to my friend so i changed my passowrd. a few days ago i was haked again and all my friends were sent links to a websit about sex and porn. the only thing is me and my friends are only about 10-12 years old and i made a new account and added my friends but some of them wont accept because they were sent the link and dont want to be m friend or they dont no who i am i have sent them email sayin who i am and someone haked me but they dnt believe me. i need help. and quick.

  66. 66 laura brown

    its same person here. just tellin everyone who reads mine i was rushing and missed a few letter out. ooooooooops!hehe

  67. 67 Roy

    hey my friend sent me a instant message and I clicked on the link and now my hotmail is either hacked or it has a virus in it. it keeps on sending my contacts porn which is very embarrassing i made a new account but some of my contacts didn’t receive my friend accept. i don’t know how to get rid of the spam it keeps sending my contacts can someone help.

  68. 68 taylor

    hi roy that happened to my sis she downloaded ths thing that got rid ov it
    it ws a virus

  69. 69 Tom

    …Got hacked too, chinese scam.

    I had a secure password. However I had been infected by the worm “vbs solow” two days before (despite an antivirus and firewall, but then this is a family computer). I ran a full virus scan which *apparantly* solved the problem.

    Tonight I opened my hotmail account for the first time in ages, and the attack began about 1 hour afterwards, according to the time the mails were sent. Now I’m worried about my other e-mail address, since I use the same password…

  70. 70 Vic

    Just had this happen to me and after reading it I am wondering just how perverse the chinese mind must be if they think that this kind of activity will gain them any trade or other benefit ?
    For the first time EVER! I went on to yesterday at the behest of some friends and today I get hit with this chinese perpetrated nuisance. FAR TOO MUCH of a coincidence I would say !?

  71. 71 Jack

    They don’t need your password to hack your account!

    There are bugs in the hotmail script which they are using – do you really think they randomly found your email address then spent hours trying to brute force your password???

    Once they have access they are able to change your password, read your emails, send emails, copy your contacts and more.

    PS My account also got ‘hacked’ !!

  72. 72 Alan

    Well Well Well
    Now I have the problem, and I see it is a long running one, with out ANY solution from Hotmail/microsoft support at all


    SO LOng Hotmail!!!!

  73. 73 melkon

    somebody hacked my msn can any body help me i need it back plzzzzz

  74. 74 Matt

    No matter what you do, do no open any emails from people you dont know. I know alot of you out there are bound to click on one email just to check it out. any website you land on through clicking on an email can easily install keyloggers on your computer and when you try to login to hotmail again, they record your keystrokes and bam, your screwed!!


  75. 75 Maria

    Hi – My daughters Facebook and Hotmail accounts were hacked into yesterday and all her passwords changed. There is now someone posing as my daughter and causing all sorts of havoc. How does she get these accounts closed.

  76. 76 Rich

    My hotmail account has been hijacked as well, I run everything in a secure sandbox environment and also it’s only hotmail that has been affected (odd when I use gmail, paypal, ebay, online banking, etc so a keylogger could have taken all of those details).

    I’ve just cancelled my account as I didn’t use it much anyway.

  77. 77 Van

    My Hotmail account was hijacked this morning….before I even opened up my computer. Every one of my contacts received some variation of the message below. There appear to be at least three versions in my sent box.

    Contacts and out of office reply are ok. I did change my password and secret question as advised.

    I recently became a MAC convert…so it’s very unsettling to think this may have affected my new laptop. I’m hoping it’s a localized issue within Hotmail. I’m reluctant to spend $100. for antivirus software but will if I’m clearly at risk of more damage in the future.

    Does anyone know if accessing Hotmail on an i-phone can make you more vulnerable to these kind of attacks? I always have Hotmail accessible there. I never log in/out. I asked Apple about antivirus software for the iphone…they don’t have anything yet.

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    Best Wishes for you!

  78. 78 Srdjan

    My hotmail account was hacked about a week ago. While I was on vacation, I went one day to a internet cafe and used one of their computers to check my email. Since then all my contacts have been receiving messages (allegedly sent by me) containing advertisements. Probably there was a illegal software application on that computer that stole my hotmail password.
    I’ve deleted all my contacts (exported them first) and changed my password. I don’t know if this helps, time will tell.

  79. 79 Philip

    Last night my Hotmail contacts were spammed from my email address with a message similar to many of the above. Like (seemingly) everyone else I have maintained a secure approach to passwords and not clicked on unknown links but it has still happened. Obviously Hotmail and apparently other HTTP based emails are just not safe and so I will close my account and start again !

    Damn I hate spammers !!!

  80. 80 Norbet

    Same thing has happened to me too – each & every contact spammed with the following:
    Hello my dear,
    i would like to introduce a good company who trades mainly in electornic products. Now the company is under sales promotion, all the products are sold nearly at its cost. They provide the best service to customers,they provide you with original products of good quality,and what is more,the price is a surprising happiness to you! It is realy a good chance for shopping.just grasp the opportunity,Now or never!
    The web address:
    Looking forward to your contact and long cooperation with us!
    The headers reveal the originating IP as China (which makes sense as the spam refers to a chinese website, which in itself looks to be some sort of scamola)
    I’ve contacted Hotmail support, changed my hotmail password and login details for any other accounts that use my hotmail as the email address. I cannot for the life of me understand how this has happened – my password was pretty obscure and I keep my pc pretty secure.
    Anyway – it’s somewhat reassuring to hear I’m not the only victim – let’s hope MS support actually do something about this (not holding my breath though).

  81. 81 chutya

    whats the solution ???????? or windows have failed yet again……………

  82. 82 emadex

    My Hotmail account was hacked with the same marketing message sent to my contacts that other users have mentioned. I have not replied to any phishing or unsolicited emails on my Mac and nobody else has access to my account. Further, I have been in hospital for quite some time and did not have access to a computer, so there’s no way that this is down to ‘user error’. I’m sure that there is a much bigger issue that Hotmail don’t want made public.

  83. 83 jon

    Same thing happened to me today! Very strange…….

  84. 84 Kasey

    My Hotmail account was also hacked. The message was as follows (the web site even exists):

    I am xxxxxxxxxxx by name. I have acquired your email address as a person who
    is actively involved in or is looking for an online business opportunity or
    looking for a part time job to compliment current earnings.

    Email Us Back with your Name, Mailing Address and Phone numbers at for more informations. If you
    are interested email back for further informations and application form and
    Include this Reference Number for you identification ( #1099 ).

    This is not hoax, Dont Miss The Golden Opportunity. I will await the Interested
    candidate responses.

    Best Regards

  85. 85 Vivian

    If you are having this problem with Hotmail, go to your Personal Signature and check if the hackers have stored the message there. Just delete the message. Sometimes they also store it in your Automated vacation reply, so check that as well.

  86. 86 Crispin Caws

    This is the one that was sent this morning 30th Nov using my details. It did not show up in my sent items. I have an Iphone, which is linked to the hotmail account so there may be a security hole there. Anyway whatever it is microsoft clearly have not fixed it yet!

    How are you doing? I ordered one white 3gs apple iphone from one good website xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx , much cheaper but brand new ,agenuine , You can check it if you would like .

  87. 87 Peter

    Hotmail is getting their mail-servers hacked but they won’t admit it.

    Same thing happened my hotmail account the other day. Advertising email sent to all my contacts. I use the latest antvirus/firewall software and scan my computer regulary, but it won’t help, because the problem is on the server-side at hotmail, not on my client.

  88. 88 Fran

    I have just become aware that my email address also sent out the iphone message:
    How are you doing? I ordered one white 3gs apple iphone from one good website xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx , much cheaper but brand new ,agenuine , You can check it if you would like .
    I don’t have an iphone so Microsoft is the weak link. I will abandon hotmail now after over 15 years.

  89. 89 oliver khoury

    You’ve tried to sign in too many times with an incorrect e-mail address or password.

  90. 90 yaseen301

    hi my id hacked today any 1 help me plzzz

  91. 91 Les

    Like many of your correspondents I discovered a few days ago that my Hotmail email account had been hijacked and the infamous IPhone message sent to all the people on my contact list. The communication was made at 1.30a.m., several hours after my computer had been switched off. The worrying thing is that all my contact names have been wiped as well as the emails I had stored in my account, fortunately none of which had any sensitive information in them. I have noticed since that emails I should receive from various organisations have ceased, so the pirates must have affected these as well, but how I know not. Any help with this would be most welcome.

    I do have the most up to date anti virus software and it has not registered any suspicious activity. I did try and contact Hotmail, but found it impossible to find any contact address. Every attempt to communicate with them seemed to lead me in a circle bringing me back to the “original advice” offered. Direct contact appears to be impossible.

    If Hotmail is unwilling to be contacted or refuses to accept that the problem may be at their end, then maybe some adverse media publicity highlighting the what is happening to some users may encourage them to act. It has in the past.

  92. 92 Mark Wiersma

    I run a community website and about 5,000 of our members are using a Hotmail account. Since 2 weeks many of them have been spammed with the same ‘Dear friend’ or ‘Hey friend’ subject lined spam offering cheap electronics from China.
    I was puzzled at first and believed there may be a security leak in our system as our members have to logon to their account using their email address and password. There proved to be no security issue, but I thought it was very strange that hundreds of our members using a hotmail account where affected by this problem.

    If you schale up the problem to the global level, there should have been millions who were affected. Let me explain. 200 Members using a hotmail account have been affected out of 5000 hotmail accounts, that is 1 on every 25 members. The total number of hotmail accounts in the world is about 280 million. Devide this by 25 gives 11,2 million. So I guess the problem must be affecting many millions of hotmail account users around the world.

    Why can I not find anything on the internet about this? It’s a huge problem I guess, which can put Hotmail out of business.
    Or… is source of the problem related to our website or my own computer as I use this for corresponding with our members. Could it be that my computer has been infected with a virus which I have passed on to others by emails sent through Outlook (no Hotmail account)?

    I am still puzzled and what I also do not understand is why Hotmail can not recognize the spam emails? It’s very easy to recognize and the email servers of Hotmail should be able to filter it out. The problem with this kind of spam is already a few years old.


  93. 93 John

    My wife’s hotmail was hacked last week with a similar message starting “Hey” and purporting to sell electronic equipment going out to people in her address book BUT ONLY to people NOT on Hotmail!
    She has not to her knowledge opened any messages or attachments from anyone she did not know so how did they get in and what can we do about it apart from change passwords?
    We are both “silver surfers” and not very knowledgable about these things. Should we report it and if so who to?


  94. 94 Sarah

    This happened to me two days ago. An email about a cheap iphone was sent out to all my contacts, and I have just realised my whole contacts list has been deleted along with ten years of emails. I’m angry, worried and very upset. Any advice would be gratefully received. Perhaps it’s time to leave Hotmail.

  95. 95 Paul

    Exactly the same thing happened to me as happened to Sarah. The big problem is thinking that there is a Hotmail support service.. wouldn@t you expect one? Instead after much searching you are left with joining the Windows Live “community” & posting on the forum in the hope that someone will help you. Very low score on the customer service front from me!! Not happy.

  96. 96 Sarah

    Yes it is a very poor response, hence why I will now leave Hotmail and use someone else for my main account. There is no guarentee is won’t happen elsewhere as these sad muppets who have no life but to ruin other people’s will continue to cause havoc.

  97. 97 Ian

    Same happened to me today. Used my hotmail account to send an e-mail to everyone I have ever e-mailed and deleted all my contacts too. Annoying thing is that I have now reached my e-mail limit for a day (300 e-mails) so I cannot e-mail anyone to apologize and warn anyone.

    I think I will be changing my password again after reading this thread

  98. 98 Sarah

    I’ve had my hotmail account since 1995. I subscribed annually to the large mail box. My contacts were hacked and all were sent a link (from my email!)for viagra etc on Saturday. My database was built up with 15years of personal and business contacts.

    Whilst I was able to send out an apology, the worst part is my ‘Sent items’ folder was completely deleted!

    My password is a numeric/letter mix. I dont think Hotmail are doing enough to protect their customers!

  99. 99 Baba

    A friend can’t even log in to change her password because they changed it for her. Is there a way to delete the account? Anyone have a contact number for Hotmail help?

  100. 100 Helen from Stockport

    yes me too. Every time I send an email the address and message goes on as an attachment. I have now changed my password. How can I get rid of the attachment.

    This appears every time I need to reply to someone, how can i get shut of it.

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  101. 101 admin

    Hi Helen,
    Once you are logged into your Hotmail account, maybe try checking whether the spammer has added an email signature which is why it keeps showing up when you reply to your emails.

    You should find this under OPTIONS on your hotmail page (top right) > then click MORE OPTIONS (at the bottom of dropdown menu) > under CUSTOMIZE YOUR MAIL click on PERSONAL EMAIL SIGNATURE. Then check this hasn’t got the spammers notice.

    Also may be worth checking under this same section CUSTOMIZE YOUR MAIL that the reply to address is your hotmail address and not the spammers.

    That’s all I can think of I’m afraid. Maybe others can help further?

    Hope you get it sorted and working 100% again. Having a good long password should help.


  102. 102 Ray

    Hi all
    I dont know if this is of use but I found that by right clicking my suspect postmaster returned hotmail and selecting view source you can usually view the header, text and original ip: address.
    By putting this in a online ip address look up site like you can find them on a google map supplied. allthough i expect it is the mail server address. what you do with these IP addresses is the question.
    Perhaps the answer is to add hotmail to your address book that way they will get all the information thenselves.

  103. 103 Andy W

    I’ve now had mine and my wifes hotmail account hacked.. I’ve also got a yahoo and gmail account neither of them have been hacked and until the other day all had the same password!

    It’s clearly a hotmail problem as my attack happened at 3am when all my pc’s were off (including my internet router) fortuantley I only had one contact in my address book (my wifes) this is how I found out!

    I’ve since deleted the contact from the address book and changed the password for good measure but I’ll never be using hotmail for my primary email atleast until I hear of a decent response other than blaiming client pc’s..

  104. 104 MC FOX


  105. 105 Annmarie

    My hotmail acct was hacked on May 21, ’10. My contacts were informed that I was stranded in England, I lost my wallet and needed money to get back to the States. I closed my hotmail account and am with a different provider now. I got on WindowsLive two years ago & that’s when trouble started. My computer crashed twice, lost a lot of info from my account. Everytime I experienced problems, there was a box that showed up in my inbox saying “Your Windows live account will be closed. You need to update your username, password, etc.” I ignored this info, but eventually my computer just quit working each time. I Had my computer cleaned out and reinstalled all info that were still there. Now, if at all possible, I would like to see if I could get all my information back from hotmail that was in my account. Does anyone know if thats possible? I emailed MSNSupport and they referred me to this “ASK” site but I don’t see any info in here that will solve my problem.

  106. 106 roos

    my account just got hacked this morning,
    the thing that bothers me most (apart from the spam to my friends)
    is the fact that my entire inbox was cleared and so were most of my send messages

  107. 107 TYPIC

    I got the same problem to month ago and it this morning again my hotmail account still sending message to all my contact . I will definetly close it or clean my addresse.
    One thing i observed is that : for folks who’d set their hotmail accounts on their Ipod Touch it looks like the fact to use different
    wireless spot with you ipod touch can make your account more vulnerable.So fat i think what Messenger should probabily try to do is to investigate on Access Point , Wireless/LAN Router (china brand’s) which for me appeared to be less secure than other .
    You can change your password as long as you want , but i am not sure
    this will resolve the issue.

  108. 108 Dean

    My hotmail account gas been hacked within last hmm not sure 2-3-4 days?
    Its sending viagra spam I have changed my password 3 times and its still sending spam but now for a different product? How do I contact hotmail about it?

  109. 109 Chris

    My wife had her Hotmail account sending out a link to all contacts this weekend (8/14) … a simple link to mens products. >:( She hasn’t used the account in a few years but still sending to her entire address book reached many current and past work contacts and friends.

    Not sure what to do since she already had a secure password, we changed it. Then we thought about how she hadn’t logged in a while and decided it was best to delete her account. On the MS side please note ‘mobile’ mode for Hotmail does not make it easy to change a password.

    Thankfully most people aren’t going to click, but what lowlife scum!!! Think about it, whomever hacks Hotmail likely isn’t the same people selling the linked items. I hate them all.

    Best of luck to the victims. PLEASE post ANY actions we (all of us) can take.

  110. 110 Joanne

    If anyone knows how to contact hotmail, I’d like to know too. My email has been hacked twice in the last 2 weeks – everyone on my contact list sent a message about a website selling cheap blackberries and i-phones. So far nothing has been deleted from my account – thanks for the warning! I shall change my password and hope that solves it.

  111. 111 admin

    Hmmm, hi Joanne, sorry to hear of your woes.

    I see there is a thread on this topic started March 2010 ie how to contact Hotmail Support. Doesn’t look like it’s easy getting through to Hotmail for help!

    You could try joining up Windows Live Hotmail Portal Support Forum:

    On a positive note I’ve found a recent and helpful solutions list regarding recent Hotmail (August 2010) hijacks, worth a look:

    I will add this as a footnote to the main blog post too. Hope it is helpful to some of you !

  112. 112 Karl

    My hotmail account has been hacked three times, same as the other people here. This has never happened before, and I have a very secure password. I am now pretty sure that these hacks happened because I read and sent Hotmails from my iPhone. And that this is where the virus/worm/intrusuin has happened;
    Any with similar experience, and a suggestion of a fix?

  113. 113 betty baker

    help i’ve been spamed

  114. 114 kirsty smith

    i’ve had hotmail account for year’s but last week it did’nt recognise my password so i reset it and now it’s happened again tonight. Is it a security issue? Should i close this account?

  115. 115 laura brookner

    The same happened to me on 21 September: Hotmail,asked for a new password.I thought that mine was perhaps too short. The day before my Hotmail account had been hacked!!

  116. 116 Susannah Zurek

    My hotmail account was hacked yesterday morning. Someone has been sending emails to my contacts requesting money as “I” have been stranded in Wales after being robed at gunpoint, having everything stolen except my passport and have no way of coming home to the USA.
    I submited my claim immediately and was told by Windows Live Support that a process of investigation which required verification of ownership was needed and that I get an email with an aswere within 24 hours. Well so far it has been almost 36 hours and I still haven’t heard from anyone. This Live Support page is not very costumer friendly-not easy to find way to communicate with anyone that can give me support and provide me with an answer.
    Please contact me soon!!

  117. 117 connie cheney

    my account was hacked into and I can`t get the infro i need to close my account and i can`t get into it to do a darn thing can`t even give answer to sercurity ?. so how are you going to close this thing out? its been compromised !!!!!

  118. 118 icsopris

    Wow, seems this has been going on now for over 2 years! Hotmail is no help! My PC is clean and virus free, they hacked into my Hotamil account and are sending dozens of spam messages to my contacts daily! Trying to change password but to no avail. Is there any way to contact Hotmail???

  119. 119 Yan

    The same thing happened to me yesterday. I’ve never had any probems with hotmail before, but after that I’m thinking to move out from hotmail

  120. 120 steve

    Had same problem begging letters to my contacts. Cant access my account as password has been changed also all security questions.

    Nothing back from MS where is the support when you need it

  121. 121 Kim

    I have been hacked three times in the last few months, each time I have changed my password to something very very difficult to hack – even I struggle to remember it! before the last hack I created a new email account and cleared everything including all my contacts out of my old account. I left it open so that I could receive emails in it – I didnt want to miss anything/anyone. Last night I went in to check for emails and I had bounce backs, checked my sent messages and alas, a whole bunch of span sent from my account to all of the contacts that i had ‘Deleted’ the hacker managed to get them back. I again changed my password and closed my account.

    One concern I have, even though my account is closed, is that if I sign in again within 270 days my account will reactivate, whats to stop the hackers from reactivating it without my knowledge…?

    Prior to this I havent had a problem and I have been with hotmail for 10 years.

  122. 122 Vieille

    My account has been hacked every few days for several months, despite changes of password and extreme password difficulty. Spurious messages ranging from just annoying to extremely offensive seem to be sent by me to all my contacts every 3-4 days. Tracking the messages shows that my account is running through Santiago, Chile, and several Chinese cities. Other than changing the password every few days — which does not work — and running frequent security checks (also does not work)
    and reporting the problem (done way too often!), IS THERE ANY SOLUTION THAT OTHERS HAVE FOUND TO WORK????? I am tired, angry, frustrated — and if I knew whose lights to punch out would be contemplating criminal assault!

  123. 123 Lauren

    I have just realised that someone has hacked my account and I have just changed my password. Is that enough? Does that mean that they wont be able to do it again or is there anything else that I need to do?


  124. 124 Chris


    mine got hacked last night, I was awake and as I have an email address on my contact list I got a copy of the spam so I noticed very fast. I immediatly changed the password and then went bed as was tired.

    Today I changed the password again to something very strong 24 chars long with symbols etc. Checked my signature and autoreply, they were not touched, contacts also seem intact. It is my view hotmail has a security flaw and these are not all down to bad user security configuration, I want to close my account but is needed for things like technet and lionhead’s web forums. Not sure if it is relevant but I started using pidgin just 10 days ago for instant messaging instead of msn messenger and I do find it very much a coincidence I got hacked within days of starting to use that app.

  125. 125 Bakingmadeeasy

    i gt hacked yestadat,i’m worried if they will do it again shall i change my password, tho it is strong and unpredictable.Hotmail blocked my account , and didn’t send the email but i’m still worrried

  126. 126 william boswell

    i got a email from windows live that i had to upgrade my account so dumb me fell for it it look real so i gave him the info to gain my hotmail account net day all my contacts were gone my wife got a email from my email and said i was in a accadent and i was over seas and needed money sent to me to get home i have the guys email address he also fix my mail to be forwaed to his email account someone said to contact msn and give them the address but dont know were to dend it any help?

  127. 127 yf

    My hotmail got hacked during the weekend. It sent email to everyone on my contact list about some sexual site. I changes password, and also decided to delete all contact from my email account. I will only use the old fashion way to record contact information.

    World will be a much better place if there is no computer, email, etc.

  128. 128 eyz

    My hotmail account got hacked yesterday evening, it sent emails to lots of my contact list, fortunately I find out this less than an hour, so I changed the password asap.
    I was using my laptop in a public wi-fi network in a public library, I am wondering if someone at the public site hacked me or someone from web?

  129. 129 Cornish Rose

    Hotmail Account hacked.
    Messages sent to all in my address book. Copies in my sent folder.
    Chinese electronics company spam.

    Changed password.
    Antivirus upto date
    No virus found

  130. 130 Colin Adams

    Hi to all. My hotmail account has been hacked twice. After the first time, which had a very secure password, i then changed my password to another very secure password, within 24 hours my account was hacked again.

    Now, here is what I think is happening. Does anyone remember a few years back when Microsoft got caught out selling peoples email details for the hotmail accounts?
    Whats the bet that this is happening again? Of course they will deny it, but for people to be able to hack that easily into what is supposed to be the biggest and securist(?) software company in the world just doesn’t make sense.

    And their suggestion of having a virus scanner on YOUR computer?!?. Come on, they should have them. Its web based so it has nothing to do with your computer. It is a good idea to have them, but my account was “hacked” while I wasn’t online, so there was no connection to my computer.

    Hotmail has never been very secure, so I’m glad I don’t use it as my main email, just the email I need for logging into sites such as FaceBook (also another site targeted by hackers). Anyone can get your email address from social networking sites, but not your password. That is either guessed, hacked, or – more likely in this case – sold.

  131. 131 Biggles

    I just had my account spam all my contacts. Just a single spam link.

    The most annoying part is the hacker didn’t bother to send the mails via BCC, so lots of email addresses I would have preferred private have been emailed to my friends and family LOL!

  132. 132 Andios

    I was hacked yesterday 4th of June 2011, I changed my password to a secure/strong password. A day later I can not login using my new or old password. Recovery question is listed in mandarin chinese.

    I still can not login and waiting on customer support to get back to me.

  133. 133 Debbie Miller

    My email account wa shacked into on Friday and I still cannot get into it and my email contacts are receiving fake emails from my email account and othe rbusinesses also are calling me at home about emails that they have received from my email, but it is not me. I need to closswe hotmail account or get back in to my account and get these peopl out

  134. 134 Jermilla Jackson

    I am kindly requesting to have my email account reopen
    Some one had hacked into my account and being sending junk mails to others. I will changed my account password once i get back my orginal email. I have open a new account Please reply to that email.

  135. 135 deserie

    need phone# i no longr have comp and someone using my acct that had for past few years are being sent spam and very BAD e-mail to my entire list of contacts. cant get back into acct n need a real person to help get rid of hacker and acct so my friends family and others no longer get the stupid stuff

  136. 136 Nathanprocks

    Hi. my email just got hacked and spam emails got sent out to all my contacts. the link in the email opens a fake website asking for your username and password for hotmail. after u type the password it shows a porn site… and my mum opened it!!!

  137. 137 Simon Calvert

    I have had the same problem on more than one occasion. (Completely embarrassing!)
    In my experience it has affected one of my home pc’s and more recently my mobile phone (both Android and Windows mobile).
    On the Pc (Windows) I found that running the ‘Eset’ online scanner found the root of the problem (hidden in an email message) and managed to get rid of it.
    You can normally tell which of your pc’s or phone is sending the spam by checking the ‘sent items’ folder.
    If it has a list of sent items that you do not recognise sending you know you are on the right pc.
    On the mobile phone I have not found a way of getting rid of it other than to delete any of the sent items or suspicious e-mails and then to hard reset the phone and set up the account again or restore from any backups you have made. Also I have found that changing the account password makes no difference whatsoever, but it I guess it cannot do any harm to change it.
    Hope this helps someone.

  138. 138 Jerome

    This has happened to me for over 3 times.. that’s really a shamed thing.

    I believe my password is strong enough (with uppercased/lowercased/symbol/digits), no one can just hack that. and each time I will change to another one once this happens.

    but still, my account got hacked again. I believe there is no virus on my laptop…

    I got one of the send email and find the IP is, that’s in Romania…

    I think my contacts will block me now. that’s really a sad story.


  139. 139 mana

    plz help me out my live id has been blocked
    and i cant not use it and its seems that some one hacked it

  140. 140 Mary Jenren

    Fantastic! I’ve been hunting for something forever. I really wish there was more info about this. Greatly appreciated.

  141. 141 toni


    Due to the CAP lock issue, my hotmail account get blocked. I try to request for an reset of email to my alternate email, {removed email address} but i did not received any reset link or password. I requested for customer support, which required information from me. I tried my best to give information on folder, contacts on my account and last few email i sent, but it seem that it is not enough. I could not remember the answer for the security questions as it is set many years ago.

  142. 142 toni


    my hotmail account get blocked. I try to request for an reset of email to my alternate email, {removed email address} but i did not received any reset link or password. I requested for customer support, which required information from me. I tried my best to give information on folder, contacts on my account and last few email i sent, but it seem that it is not enough.


  143. 143 Terri LeVeque

    Hi, my hotmail, and facebook account got hacked by them stealing my password. I have tried everything and because i cannout reset my passwords i cannot get into either. I tried setting up another e-mail account in hotmail to send rrecovery or reset passwords there bbut that does not seem to work either. I have put so many hours in this already. I have removed the virus already, but now fixing the problem is another. If anyone can help i would love to hear from you. sincerely –Terri –

  144. 144 lesley Timlin

    I got up the other morning and my email account had been hacked,so the closed it down not letting me use my email address and password and had lost all my contacts, so when my email was changed i couldnt noticed of my new email, so not getting any email into my accout. Could anyone help me as to let ppl and companies that my email address has been changed please.

  145. 145 roy

    Hotmail are saying that my account has been hacked and is being used to send spam. They have ask me to pick an e-mail account to send the code to, the only e-mail account that comes up is the one that is hacked even tho I have another account registered to this one incase something like this happens? what do i do??

  146. 146 Lina Davis

    I went to:
    My Hotmail account was blocked last thursday, but I got it working normally on saturday with their help.

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