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New Designers exhibition, London … winners Kate Laskey & Abigail Borg

I was hoping to get to the New Designers exhibition at the Business Design Cente, London, when I was visiting the capital a few weekends ago. Sadly, the time slot was just too tight and I had to give up on that idea, however on their website is a full list of the winners. It was a two-part show which celebrated the work of over 4000 graduates from around the UK who also competed to win one of the New Designer Awards. It is one of two major platforms for new graduates, the other being the Free Range exhibition over at Brick Lane.

Amongst this year’s award-winning array of talent I really liked the work of Kate Laskey. Her project entered for the ND exhibition was titled ‘Ten stops from home’ and featured a collection of wallpapers, furnishing and upholstery fabrics and cushions that all incorporate images noted from her journey to and from college. Covering the past three years, her sketchbook featured drawings from towns such as Shoreham, Brighton and Eastbourne which were developed to create the finished designs.

Kate is a recent graduate in Surface and Textile Design from Northbrook College and won the Harlequin Award at the exhibition. The judges described her work as “inspirational and highly individual with a very specific style and unique handwriting. Extremely refreshing and versatile”. Together with the prestige and media buzz of winning an award at this exhibition, it also means Kate will spend some time working at Harlequin a highly respected brand known through the world of interiors, they design and sell a select range of classy fabrics and wallpapers.

Also an honourable mention for a student from ‘Oop Norf’ …. hurrah, no I’m not biased at all !! Well done Abigail Borg from Leeds College of Arts, proclaimed the Business Design Centre: New Designer of the Year. I think her drawing skills and colour palette match up quite beautifully and her work could fit comfortably within a number of media from textile design right through to book covers and many in-between.

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4 Responses to “New Designers exhibition, London … winners Kate Laskey & Abigail Borg”

  1. 1 Kate Laskey


    Just wanted to say Thank You very much for mentioning my work from New Designers, its great to hear you liked what Im doing and I really appreicate it. But I just wanted to say that I do not run the blog ‘Plush Patterns’, so if you could just take that out that association that would be great! I wouldn’t want any confusion or to take any credit for this site. Its a great blog however so great to discover!!

    Take Care & Kind Regards and Great Blog by the way!

    Kate Laskey

  2. 2 gill moore

    Hi Kate,

    Thanks for getting in touch and I’m glad you like my blog … cheers. I’m so sorry I’ve linked you with the plush patterns blog, now where did I get that info from, I don’t know, but thank you for putting me right!!

    I do apologise – that’s my first wrong information on a post so hopefully it’ll be my one and only mistake (doubtful).

    One question, I will remove the link now, but do you have a website I could send people to for more about yourself and your work? I tried on the New Designers site but you have to be a full member to get access to portfolios and I’m not a member.

    Best of luck with everything, your work is really lovely.

    Gill :-)

  3. 3 danyo borg

    did you get permission to put these pictures up?

  4. 4 gill moore

    Hi Danyo,

    I do my best to try to gain permission from a person I feature on my blog, as a photographer I am very aware of protecting a person’s IP rights. Yes, I emailed both Abigail and Kate to let them know of my blog post and check they were OK with it. They were both happy for me to feature their work.

    Since starting to blog in February I have yet to encounter a problem, usually people can see I am only trying to help spread the word on their work/talent and if I can I will give a link to their website and to credit them. I also, try to make the picture size I use very small (so it is no use for someone to print a photograph from).

    Of course, if anyone was upset or did not want me to use an image or objected to my post then I would immediately take it down.

    I hope that answers your question :-)


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