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Monthly Archive for February, 2010

Patterns in the freshly fallen snow …

Got up especially early this morning, wanted to take a specific shot which needed virgin snow and not many people around, but I discovered it also has to be a working day for it to work. Hopefully I can get another chance on that one.

Anyway as I was out and had my camera, I couldn’t resist taking this shot:- I’m a sucker for those patterns in the snow. No, not my footsteps, I was on my bike!


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Stephen King: Lewis’s Fifth Floor: A Department Story


Really enjoyed these images from Liverpool photographer Stephen King, featuring photographs taken in Lewis’s Department Store in Liverpool, one of the UK’s oldest and most iconic department stores a building sadly shut down and hidden since the early 1980s.

What a cracking idea, I wish I’d thought of it!  The still life images work better for me, some terrific compositions.  The project has it’s own website (though it’s a bit slow to load) and there are quite a few images over on Stephen’s site.


I remember, as a Wirral girl born and bred, it was a big treat to be taken over to Lewis’s on a Saturday for a shopping expedition.  I particularly remember the broken biscuit department was a highlight.

Dates: 26th February to 30th August 2010, Lewis’s Fifth Floor: A Department Story at Liverpool’s  National Conservation Centre.

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