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Talking Heads “Fear of Music” with added imagery.


One of my favourite all time albums is Fear of Music by Talking Heads and it triggered a fun post over on Blake Andrews’s blog.  Blake decided to match images with each of the tracks.  Above are a few of the images plus the original cover which is the one on the far left.  I think my favourite is “I Zimbra”, middle image above, it fits the mood of the track perfectly with a hint of the tribal about it.

His blog is a great one to bookmark; delving into the photographic sphere and featuring loads of interesting, thoughtful and inspiring posts and interviews.

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2 Responses to “Talking Heads “Fear of Music” with added imagery.”

  1. 1 Mike

    There’s something about the airborne dog, on animals, which makes me chuckle but I’m not sure it’s what TH would have picked.

    I think my favourite image is used on ‘mind’.

    Cool idea of Blake Andrews.


  2. 2 admin

    Hiya Mike,
    Thanks for stopping by :-)
    I agree that the Mind image is a good fit and mirrors the TH vibe from the track. Each track is so individual both to the band and the listener, it makes it so difficult to match one image with one track. Still it makes for a interesting and fun process. Hat tip to Blake indeed.

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