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It’s a miracle; I’ve found a car advert I actually like ….. lovely photography saves the day.

Hats off to British photographer Paul Wakefield who achieved the near impossible task of making me take notice of a print advert for a car. I hasten to add, before I get shot down in flames by car photographers,  my usual indifference is due to the subject matter, certainly not a comment on a lack of creativity and craftmanship in this genre.

With a considerable reputation as a skilled landscape photographer, Paul is now often sought by the big advertising commissioners to give their campaigns some elegance and allure.

I am intrigued.  Was it just a beautiful coincidence that nature turned up its “wonder-ometer” to 11 on the day of the shoot?  Or did the entire team just mobilise with supreme speed and devise this image by a meeting of creative minds?  Either way, it is one heck of a beautiful image.


  • Client : Peugeot
  • Photographer : Paul Wakefield
  • Agency : BETC/EURO/RSCG, Paris
  • Retouching : Saddington & Baynes.

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PDN : Best 30 Emerging Photographers for 2008

A footnote to the Redeye submission slideshow piece I did on February 7th 2008. I mentioned the Bangladesh-based photographer Munem Wasif. His work was one of my favourite picks and he has just been selected as one of the best 30 emerging photographers in the world by PDN magazine. PDN (Photo District News) is an award-winning and well respected US magazine and resource which has a strong online presence and a hard copy magazine aimed at professional photographers.
Have a look at this page it gives a brief biography and one image from each of the 30 shortlisted photographers. A nice chance to browse through some of the hottest talent out there.
This is a shot by Katie Kingma who is based in New York, USA.
Katie Kingma one of the chosen Top 30 emerging photographers