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National Photographic Portrait Prize @ the Lowry



The prestigious National Photographic Portrait Prize (2007) is occuping the light and airy mezzanine floor at the Lowry, in Salford, until October 12th 2008. This is a must-see for fans of photography in general and portraiture in particular. We are lucky to have this exhibition touring in the North West as it is usually only viewed at the National Portrait Gallery, London. For 2007 there were 6,900 submissions by 2,700 photographers from around the world.

It provides an opportunity to see a compelling array of images which highlight the sheer depth and power of a single image. The 60 shortlisted photographs have been taken all over the world and feature wildly different subjects, styles, technique and atmosphere; professional and amateur hang side by side. Should you go with a friend don’t be surprised if you end up arguing the merits of your favourite and casting your eyes heavenwards on one or two of those included.

The images are framed and printed in a variety of ways; sizes vary from 10 x 8 to a couple which fill an entire wall. I presume each photographer was allowed a free hand to choose how their work was hung? This helps to make each shot feel individual and hopefully allows the viewer to remember this is not a series but an opportunity to celebrate the art of great portraiture.

I cannot really argue with the First Prize choice a brilliant and powerful study by Jonathan Torgovnik taken in Rwanda. I also had a great deal of time for the Second Prize winner “Lucila, a.m.” (photographers site here).


A slow-burner which quietly snuck into my brain. I don’t remember much of a connection the first time I viewed it, but I was drawn back to it time and again … close my eyes and I can almost place myself in that same room with the warm sun streaming in through the huge glass backdrop.


Charlie Crane (who I have blogged about earlier in the year when he was selected for the New Contempories showcase) has made it into the 60, he has such lovely prints and a real sense of style. Colin Pantall‘s “Sofa Portrait #3″ is part of a series which has had a fair amount of praise and publicity already …. subtle and captivating.

If you cannot make it to the Lowry in time you can view all the Winners and those shortlisted on the National Portrait Gallery website. Looking at images on a computer screen is nowhere near the experience gained in a gallery space, but certainly better than nothing! Entry for the 2008 Photographic Portrait Prize Award is now closed and the winner will be announced in November.

Redeye “Projections08″ event @ the Lowry, Manchester


Last week I was privileged to get to see some amazing work at a slideshow showcase organised by Redeye (the photography network for the North-West of England). It was truly a worldwide feast of chosen winners with images from photographers in China, Poland, Spain, Bangladesh to name but a few.

Landscape with Apparent Horizon

I really liked “Landscape with Apparent Horizon” by Darren Harvey-Regan, UK. Check out the full set of images at There were 20 slideshows in total, to be considered for inclusion the running time needed to be between 1 and 5 minutes and then get through a rigorous selection panel.

“Maternal Mortality” by © Jean Chung

One set of images really stood out. Have a look for yourself, but be prepared for some powerful and distressing photographs:- “Maternal Mortality” Jean Chung (South Korea) – third choice from the evening would have to be “Old Dhaka-Belonging” by Munem Wasif (Bangladesh) click on this link to see what I mean ( then follow link to Gallery>Stories>Old Dhaka Belonging gallery).

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