Personal Work

My aim is to use photography in a positive way; to make a difference. Living sustainably and having awareness and appreciation of the spaces we inhabit are key themes in my work. I celebrate things I love. They are often simple and ordinary, illustrating viewpoints and experiences often overlooked.

The medium of photography helps me stay curious, look differently and learn. I want to challenge conventional norms of beauty, time and what is important. Big skies, blue and green spaces, clean air and the natural environment nourish and relax me and often provide the subject for my imagery. I hope my love and inspiration come across for others to enjoy.

“We tend to sleepwalk through our lives—to drift, what inspires me is a response to that sharpened sense of being here now and that is the underpinning of my work.” – Joel Meyerowitz

I’ll be adding images to this personal folio over the coming weeks. As they go live I’ll post up on my socials: Twitter and Instagram.

Some of the work is available to buy via my Shop.

Filaments (2020)

A quiet still series of images that expose beautiful miniature natural landscapes hidden in plain view. Stone is colonised and slowly evolves as lichen spreads. Bark splits, thickens and protects. The colours blend and change over time as the rain drips; creating beautiful living tiny tableaux that bewitch like paint on canvas.